Paulette McCormack, (CAHRI, MER, MHRM) Founder and Owner of Fresh HR Insights Pty Ltd has well over a decade of experience both Internationally and Nationally. She is a highly driven, positive and a professional Human Resource Specialist.  She knows from experience that it is not only workplace experience that helps you understand why people do what they do but life experience and qualifications. Paulette has these in abundance to make her an EXPERT in her field. Her just get in and get it done approach means that matters are dealt with quickly but also in line with legislation. She is also a Griffith University University Lecturer, Convenor and Tutor as well as a Law Student. 

Paulette currently holds the following qualifications::

  • Master of Human Resource Management
  • Master of Employee Relations 
  • Certificate in Personnel Practice (Merit)
  • Certificate IV in Training and Assessment
  • Address Adult Language, Literacy and Numeracy Skills Competency
  • Rehabilitation and return to Work Coordinator Certificate for Qld and NSW
  • Diploma in Business and a Diploma in Management
  • Certified User of Thomas International Personal Profile Analysis


With so many consultants on the market and so many different subscription packages promising to protect you and your business it is VITAL to ensure you get one that not only has the experience BUT has the qualifications to support. Paulette goes out of her way to not only be a highly experienced but also highly qualified expert in her field and a true academic to back this up. 

To further cement her qualification Paulette is currently completing a Bachelor of Laws at Griffith University – Expected completion 2024

Paulette is a Certified Professional Member of Australian Human Resources Institute (CAHRI), a HR Advance Professional Partner, an Employment Hero Partner and a member of the Industrial Relations Society of Queensland

Paulette strongly believes that the way to a company’s success is through its most valued asset, its people. This has been proven by Richard Branson time and time again.  She considers the ‘nuts and bolts’ of each company and the staff required to keep them spinning. If you do not keep them well oiled through Recognition, making sure there is Purpose and self-direction towards Mastery  – Treat people like people and move away from the “carrot and Stick” mentality.  

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